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Ready-Stock 501 Dinosaur Joke-tivities

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501 Dinosaur Joke-tivities

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Book Detail
Format Cover Paperback
ISBN 9781684379231
Publication Date Apr 14, 2020
Author Highlights
Range Age 6+
Size 23 x 25 x 1 cm
Page 144

Calling all dino lovers! There are a TON of dinosaur jokes, riddles, fun facts, tongue twisters, limericks, cartoons, puzzles, and activities packed into this “punny” prehistoric collection, which also includes 101 dinosaur names!

This uniquely Highlights mix of humor and activity is guaranteed to tickle the funny bone of every dinosaur and joke obsessed kid. With Sillysaurs cartoons, rip-roaring riddles, paleontology puzzles, and more, here are 501 dino-mite things to make kids smile.

Tags/penandaan: Activity, 501 Joketivities, Puzzle