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Ready-Stock 501 Space Joke-tivities

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501 Space Joke-tivities

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Calling all space lovers! Filled with space jokes, riddles, fun facts, tongue twisters, limericks, cartoons, puzzles, and activities, this comical cosmic collection also includes a list of 88 constellations and tips for finding some of them.

Blast off into space with this uniquely Highlights mix of humor, activity and information, guaranteed to amuse every joke obsessed kid who loves learning about space. With galaxy giggles, planetary puzzles, out-of-this-world cartoons, and more, here are 501 stellar things to make kids smile.

Format CoverPaperback
Publication DateOct 06, 2020
Range Age6+
Size17 x 25 x 1 cm

Tags/penandaan: Activity, 501 Joketivities, Puzzle