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Ready-Stock A Whale of a Mistake

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A Whale of a Mistake

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  • Publisher: Pan Macmillan
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When you make a mistake-a big mistake, a HUGE mistake-it can weigh you down or even swallow you whole! As one kid finds herself swept away by her whale of a mistake, she takes readers along on a journey of emotions. When the girl pauses to stare at the night sky, she realizes something important: there are as many mistakes in the world as stars in the sky, and maybe she can handle it after all. As the seemingly huge whale begins to shrink, the girl embraces her mistake and finds her way back to solid ground. 

Through clever wordplay and atmospheric art, this fantastical story shows that with a little time, perspective, and reflection, you can learn and move on from mistakes, no matter the size.

Format CoverHardback
Publication Date17 Mar 2020
AuthorIoana Hobai
Size249 x 283 x 14mm

Tags/penandaan: Picture Book, Emotion, Feeling