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Ready-Stock Extremely Curious Questions and Answers

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Extremely Curious Questions and Answers

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This is fantastic compendium puts a humorous twist on the perennially popular Q & A format, taking a sideways look at all that is spectacular, silly and just plain strange about the world around you. Quirkily illustrated characters and playful text reveal the amazing answers to the curious questions that children have.

* Fresh approach brings new energy to that favourite reference format - the Q & A

* Covers key topics : Oceans, Our Planet, Science and The Solar System

* Wonderful illustrations packed with fun detail

* Special spreads focus on incredible numbers, mind-blowing facts, quick-fire questions and answers, and pose fun questions to the reader.

Format CoverHardback
AuthorCamilla de la bedoyere
Range Age5+
Size22.2 x 28.8 x 2.2 cm

Tags/penandaan: Curious Question and Answer, Biology, Nature, Science, Environment, Animals and Wildlife, Ocean and Seas