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Ready-Stock Kindergarten Big Fun Workbook

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Kindergarten Big Fun Workbook

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Puzzles + Skills Practice + Humor = School Success! This award-wining workbook is packed with exercises that make learning fun and will help your child develop skills for school readiness and success.

Developed with education experts, and aligned with school standards, this workbook will engage kindergarteners and get them excited about learning! Blending over 250 pages of Hidden Pictures puzzles, humor, and skills practice, kindergarteners will practice a variety of skills in subjects like reading and math through exercises that will boost their confidence and supplement what they’re learning in school.

Key subjects covered include:
Language Arts: alphabet practice, sight words, handwriting, rhyming
Math: numbers, counting, patterns, shapes, comparing numbers
Colors, opposites, and sequencing
The book also has an introduction with easy tips for parents, a Certificate of Achievement, and online activities.

Format CoverPaperback
Publication DateApr 04, 2017
Range Age4+
Size21 x 27 x 2 cm

Tags/penandaan: Highlights Learning, Activity, Workbook, ABC and 123, Coloring and Drawing, English and Grammar, Mathematics and Numbers, Writing