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Ready-Stock The Artists: Tales from the Hidden Valley

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The Artists: Tales from the Hidden Valley

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Welcome to Carles Porta's beautifully imagined world, where tiny onion-headed ballerinas dance among multicolored autumn leaves, and new friends are found in the strangest ways.

It's Fall in the hidden valley and there's a sense of change in the air. Ticky the bird is about to fly away to warmer places, and his wolf friend Yula is painting him a farewell gift. But when Yula draws, she loses all sense of the world around her, and then gets lost in the forest. Will Ticky be able to find her?

Format CoverHardback
AuthorCarles Porta
Range Age5+
Size19 x 27 x 1 cm

Tags/penandaan: Storytelling, Acorn Tales, Tales from the Hidden Valley