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Terms & Conditions

www.Booksminded.com is a bridge for us to communicate with our readers electronically.  By using our portal www.Booksminded.com, you consent to receive communications from us electronically.  We will communicate with you by e-mail and whatsapp.  

www.Booksminded.com is serving both Ready Stock and Pre-Order.  

Pre-Orders submitted are bound to Estimation of Arrival (ETA) which is state in every product page.  Orders submitted are bound to a Down Payment (DP) of Rp. 20.000/book, stated on invoice.  DP is bound to verify within 24 hours Order is made.  Any cancellation made before its arrival period will result in lost of DP.  Pre Orders status should reach Processing for it to pre-complete.

Upon pre-arrival our admin will invoice thru our website and you will be given a period of time to make your payment.

Pre-Orders are not qualified to earn point rewards or use shipping promotion.

Ready Stock are eligible to earn point rewards and use shipping promotion with selected courier partner.

Payment to be made within 24 hours order is made.

In case of any mis-step, we strongly advise you to contact our admin thru WA directly.